Welcome to Freelance Feels

Hello fellow Freelancer! Are you thinking about the next steps for your business but not sure how to take them?


Wondering 'what next' or craving those big changes that you know can come from a small business? But at the same time, overwhelmed by the noise from friends, family and other entrepreneurs on social media?

You've come to the right place!

I specialise in working with anyone who is self-employed to help them plan, set goals, and get HAPPY in their work and business.

I'm Jenny, an ACC accredited coach, and I work with freelancers, the self-employed, small business owners, entrepreneurs and the 'Freelance Curious'. I am passionate about helping anyone who works for themselves to thrive, to love their business via realistic and achievable goal setting. I will help you put the oomph back into your business!

The symbol of Freelance Feels is a cactus because "Freelancers are like cacti - we can survive tough conditions, but we still need love and water."

That love and water can come in the form of coaching!




Freelance Feels Coaching offers:​

Individual (one on one) coaching for freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. However you define yourself, if you're working for yourself, you can benefit from my coaching!

Group coaching

CV coaching for freelancers and small business owners

Bespoke workshops for groups of freelancers and SMEs who want to work together as a 'freelance team'

Coaching for the 'Freelance Curious' - those considering self-employment either as an alternative to a career they're not enjoying, redundancy or post-furlough.

Coaching and community for the self-employed