Workshops for coaches and experts who want to secure media coverage and PR for their business



If you spend a lot of time seeing other coaches in articles and wish that was you, then this is the workshop you need. As a journalist for over 20 years and a coach trained with the Kudzi Coach Academy, I will show you what you need to do to get your coaching business featured not just in the media, but in the media that works best for YOUR coaching business.
I know what journalists want from their experts and case studies because I’ve been one of those journalists for two decades. My portfolio shows how coaches can feature in articles, and I will share exclusively in this masterclass everything I know about approaching and building relationships with the editors that matter to you and your coaching, not just with fame in mind, but with building your client base, too.

When: Thursday September 9th 2021

Times: 10am to 3pm with a 20 minute break for lunch

Price: £300


5 PLACES - a small group so you can ask all your questions!

What you’ll get:
Expert advice and experience from me, journalist and coach 
Learn how to identify your target publications and editors, how to approach them and become a ‘rent a quote’
Go from seeing other coaches in the press to seeing your name in the press!
Learn what journalists are really looking for from their experts
Understand what it takes to be a case study for a magazine or newspaper
Gathering and showcasing your portfolio
Direct feedback and critique of one pitch or letter of interest after the masterclass date from Jenny
If you want to go from ‘coach’ to ‘coach as seen in….’ then email me on with subject line 'SEPTEMBER MEDIA FRIENDLY COACH WORKSHOP' to secure your place or find out more


Various dates

6.30pm to 8.30pm GMT 

Come and quiz me about being a media-friendly expert - I'll bring my 20+ years of journalism experience as well as coaching skills to this two-hour masterclass including a worksheet focusing on your goals and 'dream' press.