What my clients say about working with me as a coach and joining my workshops

Every call came with a lightbulb moment

"From the first call with Jenny, it was just so easy to open up and delve deep into the blocks that were holding me back. In six weeks, Jenny helped me move from being confused and overwhelmed, to excited and energised with a renewed purpose and tons of ideas for my next steps. Every call came a lightbulb moment where something clicked into place. As soon as the call ended I was motivated to get started on changing my business for the better. After working with Jenny, I feel so much clearer in my next steps and motivated to make a change. I am motivated, enthusiastic and determined to create something amazing and now know the reasons as to why I've been holding back for the last few years. Jenny has helped me to better understand myself by shedding light on the things/beliefs I wasn't noticing myself."

Clarity on my career goals

"Jenny was a terrific coach with both a fun and warm approach. She really helped me get clarity on my career goals, and showed me where I needed to step up and where I needed to go a bit easier on myself. In the very competitive world of media, she is a rare thing - someone who really, genuinely wants to help others. I cannot recommend her enough."

Helped me hone in on the things I needed to change

"After a year of freelancing in a pandemic, I was definitely feeling ground down by it all. Jenny's course came at just the right time and was a real boost. I really looked forward to our weekly Zooms and she helped me hone in on the things that needed to change, as well providing a supportive listening ear and some wise words. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who needs to put a spring back in the freelance step."

A safe space... I felt clearer and enjoyed being in a group with other people

"I loved our 1:2:1 sessions. You provided a safe space for me to work things through and never told me what to do unless I agreed to having a suggestion. You set up each session well and I always felt safe and that I could trust you. I felt clearer at the end of the Relight your Freelance Fire programme and I really enjoyed being in a group with other people. It was useful to be able to share ideas and perspectives with others and remind myself that we all suffer from self doubt and uncertainty."

It's fantastic she understands self-employed life

"Coaching with Jenny has been far more than I expected. I thought I’d come away with practical tools - and I have - but, without even trying, our sessions have gone so much deeper, which allows me to do a bit of self-coaching in between, too. It’s fantastic that Jenny understands self-employed life because it means I don’t have to explain my lifestyle to her, she just gets it."

I made far more progress than I'd imagined possible

"I’ve worked with coaches before on different areas of my life but never one focused specifically on work and I was keen to find someone who understood the specifics (and oddities!) of freelancing. Jenny fit the bill perfectly and it made a real difference not having to explain my situation as I imagine I would to a coach from a heavily corporate background. The sessions were so useful, helping me to dig beyond the surface of issues that I’d been sat with for months. With Jenny’s gentle support and encouragement, I gained clarity, insight and momentum and made far more progress than I’d imagined possible from six sessions."

Genuinely re-invigorated and inspired

"I usually resist exercises, but Jenny's "relight your freelance fire" exercises forced me to reflect in ways I hadn't expected and I was surprised - and pleased - by some of the conclusions I reached. Jenny quickly established a rapport between all of us in the group coaching and made it a very enjoyable experience. The one-to-one session was really good, too. At the end of the process, I felt genuinely reinvigorated and inspired. Jenny's approach is both down-to-earth and inspiring. She's warm, supportive, practical and fun."

So powerful!

"I have more clarity and direction in my business, which is exactly what I wanted when I started my sessions. I often find myself using the questions Jenny asked me during our sessions to solve issues. Those coaching questions are so powerful! Reflecting back on the sessions we had together was so inspiring, seeing from my notes how far I had come in such a short amount of time gives me motivation for the future. The coaching sessions took me on a journey back to myself. Jenny reminded me every session that I had the answers within, and that was so empowering."

A fantastic coach

"Jenny is absolutely brilliant and I loved working with her, she is so warm and kind and a fantastic coach. I've followed her for years, huge fan of the podcast because you really get a feel for her and how she works there and that's why I wanted to do the (Freelance Fire) programme. I feel I know the direction I want to go in (and the one I don't) and more confident in my convictions of what is right for me."

It was really empowering - a 'Freelance Curious' client on 'Freelance Fire'

"Jenny created a really safe, friendly space where everyone felt heard. A natural coach, she skilfully picked up on people's emotions when they didn't quite match their words, really getting to the crux of issues and fears, then skilfully guiding everyone towards a eureka moment. It was really empowering, and where I started the course nervous about if I could ever take the leap into freelance life, by the time it finished I felt it was a really great opportunity, which Jenny 100% fuelled, facilitated and encouraged. I felt really honoured to be part of such a wonderful group and learnt so much. I am a big fan of coaching, and this course cemented that. It really helps me clear away any fears and find actions to help me move forward."