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World Book Day: What does it mean to you as a freelancer?

Ever since I picked up Enid Blyton, the Mallory Towers books and The Famous Five, through to Bridget Jones, I’ve wanted to write a book. And it may surprise some of you to learn that the dream came true in 2015, when my novel Boyfriend by Christmas was published.

However, dreams of being a full-time fiction author faded, and I realised just HOW much work it was to write fiction! I’d envisioned a film deal and spending the rest of my life being a talking head about my moment-defining book. Clearly, that didn’t happen. And I’m ok with that!

Fast forward to today, and I still have a writing dream – a non-fiction book. It’s a goal I cannot let go of, for numerous reasons. Today, on World Book Day, I am reflecting on why that means so much to me. And thinking about why it means so much to us as freelancers to write books. I think it does, you see – I see so many books about being freelance, and some self-published, that I truly believe we have an unusual urge to write about this unusual life we have!

I see others posing with their ‘business book’ and I feel a level of envy. I want to be one of them! Well, the way to be one of them is to write the book, right?!

I want to share my story, to put into words what I’ve experienced as a freelancer – to be a cautionary tale for those starting out as freelancers, and an amusing sharer of anecdotes for those who are in the same boat as me. I love the idea of my name on a book, and I think it’s also a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my career. As someone who is niching into the freelance and self-employed space as a writer, doesn’t it follow that I’d write a book about it?

I do have an idea, and a synopsis, and I am sending it to agents, so the process has begun. But it’s frustrating – I want things to happen NOW! (Did I mention my word of the year is ‘Patience’?!)

Many of my podcast guests are self-employed and have a business book – it’s really interesting to see the range of topics, the angles they cover, the ways they approach freelancing in book form.

So my question is, what does World Book Day mean to you as a freelancer? Is it about your own book, already published? Your dream book you want to write? Is it about reading to your children, or taking time to read yourself? I hope that in a year’s time, I am the person sharing my business book news! For now, here are some I would recommend:

Anti-Sell by Steve Morgan

Falling off the Ladder by Helen Hill

Survival Skills for Freelancers by Sarah Townsend

You’re the Business by Anna Codrea-Rado

SOLO by Rebecca Seal

You Coach You by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis

Why losing your job could be the best thing that happens to you by Eleanor Tweddell

What are yours? Is there a book you love as a freelancer?

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