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  • Jenny Stallard

"Do I really need a resume if I'm freelance?"

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Yes, really! And even more than one...

A CV might seem like something you had when you were in a 'real job' - moving from one employed role to the other, adding in long explanations of what you'd done in each role, right through to your a-levels and 'other interests'.

Becoming self-employed meant you could leave the world of CV updating behind forever... didn't it?

Sorry, but no!

I believe every freelancer and self-employed person needs a CV. But not the kind of CV you might have had before. This CV is a new version of you, just like your business. And it can be however you want it to be.

Time to ditch the word doc format with loads of text and huge sub-headings, and get some images, logos, and key information down onto a page you could show to potential new clients.

If you're still not convinced, here are my top three reasons you really do need to curate a new CV for yourself as a freelancer:

1: For when those contract jobs come up at a moment's notice.

You know the ones. You spot them, and they've got a day to go on the deadline. You could just send a link to your website, but that is then working on the assumption that the person reading the email has the time and energy to click on it.

Having a CV ready to go means you can send it off, and know that you're in with a chance.

2: For new clients, introductions and guesting/expert comment.

The above also works for introducing yourself to new clients, as a guest (for radio or podcast, for example) or editors at publications you'd like to feature in.

A CV that showcases you as an expert in your niche or field not only gives them the info they need to crack on with booking you, but it shows you really care about what you do and your business.

3: To show all the parts of 'Freelance You'.

I have two CVs at the moment, and am working on a third. One is for copywriting and content writing jobs or work, the second is an overview of Freelance Feels, which I would send to editors or people I am introducing myself to. I am working on a third to showcase my work as a coach. Three?! Yes, that's right.

The thing is, once you start re-doing that tired old word-doc CV from 'past you' into shiny CV for 'Freelance You', you might just find you don't want to stop.

If you want to revamp your CV, create a new one as a freelancer or work on your CV and your social media, you can book a CV audit with me.

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