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Quiet times are useful - make plans, set goals, or rest

Updated: Mar 15

The chill in the air and the darker nights as well as talk of Christmas plans with family made me think about freelance winter. Do you worry about the months ahead? Are you wondering how they'll go? Thinking about the quiet of December and January, or making big plans for launches and new clients? Freelance winter can be a slog - people in 'real jobs' can coast, perhaps (come on, we've all been there, I know I have), booking off holiday or making time to do their shopping among the Zoom meetings. For freelancers, it can be worrying as we see offices closing, the out of office messages pop up more and more...

So how can we try and prepare?

❄️ Plan ahead with payments. If you hear 'it should be on the payment run' or 'it'll be paid in December' as WHEN. Ask for a date. If someone can't give you one, then ask again, because they should know. Is someone else able to shed light on the date of the payment run? Is the invoice signed off? Try and budget for when things will come in and resist the unncecessary purchases (yes, beauty advent calendars, I'm looking at you!)

❄️ Get involved in freelance events - there are some Christmas parties, still virtual, so have a search on groups or even create your own. Having events to look forward to can help give routine to your December.

❄️ Tidy, organise and clear out - if times are quieter, use the pause to tidy up, shred paper, organise those receipts...

❄️ Do your tax return. Yep! I said it! If you are wondering what to do while the winter comes in, then this is one to get on with. Sorry! But you KNOW you'll feel so smug once you have!

❄️ Be kind to yourself as well as your business. Make time to stretch, to exercise, to rest, eat seasonal and well (yay, soup season!). Fuelling yourself well will help you stay focused and happy.

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