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Ways to de-stress as a freelancer – from real freelancers who use them every day

Updated: Jan 14

November 4 is National Stress awareness day and this week, until the 6th, is International Stress Awareness Week. You can find out more here.

I would often write about my own experience with stress, but instead I decided to do something different! So to mark the day and week I decided to ask other freelancers their tips on de-stressing. I had a great response on Twitter, and I hope these inspire you, especially in these Covid-controlled times.


It might feel like connecting with others could add stress, but I agree that joining in on a group where others are in the same boat can help dissipate the stress levels. It's good time out from emails and other admin, too. And you never know where it could lead, work wise!


This is a hard one now the pools are closing again for a while in the UK. I love a good swim, too. River swimming time?! That feels like it'd be cold right now. Swimming is one of my biggest de-stressers, I feel euphoric after a swim!

FIND – and connect with – YOUR TRIBE

YES YES YES to reaching out to another freelancer and saying 'Hi, how are you?'


Two people cited breathing exercises as their way to de-stress. I haven't tried this, and wonder if I should!


I loved Yoga in lockdown1, and I plan to do more in lockdown2. It's a huge de-stresser. Not for everyone, perhaps, but definitely works for me.


Oh, how we fail to give ourselves time off as freelancers! Try and do this today, or plan to, if you can. I agree it can be really helpful.

GARDENING (and a glass of red wine)

The gardening year might be coming to an end for many reasons, but houseplants are still your friend! And if you have a garden, being out in it, seeing it dormant, considering your bulbs and seeds for the next year, it's all 'gardening'. I think it's true it's de-stressing to be in the garden and do gardening. I think of those who don't have a garden and wonder if there is a community garden, or allotment scheme to explore.


This came up a LOT from the freelancers who responded, and the tweet I've included inspired me because it's not just about the walk, but the place you choose to walk...

And this last one I love the simplicity of it! 'Play solitaire'.

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