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  • Jenny Stallard

What's the point of business coaching?

Updated: May 22

Do you want to send your small business to new places, to build your freelance career and grow in new ways in 2023?

Set higher rates, find new clients, get clarity on what you're aiming for and smash those goals?

It really is possible to do all that when you work with a coach.

Here's three key ways coaching is different to mentoring, or just chatting to a freelance 'colleague':

1: Coaching focuses on YOU and your business, nobody else. This is the key element that will really help your business. None of the well-meaning noise of friends, family or freelance colleagues comes to a coaching session. It's you, the coach, and the time to breathe, process and compute. To make decisions, and even to offload. That's when the clarity comes.

2: You dig deep - and find gold

When you have coaching, you dig deep into what matters, and you show up for yourself, which leads you to make decisions which not only work for you on an emotional or mental level but also for the future of your business.

It's about the jigsaw of your business. one coaching session might focus on 'putting yourself out there' and it might feel like a baby step to then go for it with an intro post on your Instagram. But that post sows the seed for another, and then a reel, and then some stories, and before you know it, your followers have increased, the reach of your business is growing and your confidence is on the up.

3: Money, clients, visibility, growth - in the ways you want and need them

For many people, growth is about building clients and earning more. And I get that. If earning a lot more as a freelancer is what you're about, we can also cover that in coaching. It's not a bad thing to want to increase what you earn!

If a million dollar pay check is the big dream, we can dig into why you want that, and how you can make it happen. OK, a million might be a bit of a stretch, but coaching helps people with everything from pushing back on an offer from a potential new client, not taking on extra work that wasn't in the contract, setting rates and increasing what you charge. Powerful stuff that all ends up in your bank balance.

If you're ready to work with a coach, email to set up a discovery call with founder Jenny Holliday today. Power hours in Jan and Feb are just £99.

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