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  • Jenny Stallard

Falling back in love with freelancing in 2023: Three top tips for small business owners

Updated: Jan 5

The spark. The connection. The love. We all had it for freelancing - once upon a time. But for many of us, what once burned brightly might now be burning low, or even gone out completely.

I know how you feel. I have felt like this before - in fact, I've gone back to 'real jobs' many times as a freelancer.

When I've lost the spark with freelancing, I've often run away. I sometimes throw myself into new ideas and projects, convinced they'll be the answer.

But I know now that it's about showing up for the business I have, every day. About being committed to it, not looking elsewhere for validation.

If you've been in this situation, here are three unusual things you can try to re-ignite the spark and feel positive about your business as we move into Autumn and Winter:

Do an 'January Clean'

Much like a spring clean, now is a good time to clear out, tidy up and discard what's not working anymore. This can be physical, from paper shredding or notepad arranging to digital, like cleaning equipment or investing in new software. It can also be emotional - what's not working for you on that level? Is it that bad client, or the people you follow on social?

Have a date night (or day)

Sound familiar? It's the key piece of advice for relationship mending, right? Plan a date night, reconnect! So why not do the same with your business? Spend some time with it - look at your insights, look at testimonials. Essentially, have a dreamy-eyed romantic moment with how far you've come together.

Write a love letter

Just like you would with a partner who you feel you're not connecting with, write down what you are grateful for, what you first loved about freelancing and what you want to get back. Say how you feel about your business, what you love about it, and what you need from it.

If you're making plans for 2023, coaching could be a key part - get in touch today to chat about starting your coaching journey!

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