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  • Jenny Stallard

Three simple things you can do to update your freelance LinkedIn today

I often joke that LinkedIn is like a nostalgic trip back to the noughties.

And many, if not all, the people I speak to about it say 'Well, LinkedIn isn't social media, is it?'

Oh, how I beg to differ!

I would argue that LinkedIn is a form of social media - it's an app, a website, you post to a feed, you can share ideas, images and links. That's not much different from Facebook or Instagram.

Increasingly, people are sharing more personal posts on LinkedIn, too. It's becoming more confessional than some of the TikTok videos I see!

TikTok is, for sure, a platform I'd encourage you to dabble in for your business this year. BUT - if you have a profile on LinkedIn, and you're not using it or updating it, I would urge you to do so.

You just never know who is watching and looking - and who you might connect with.

Particularly as a writer, I see jobs and opportunities on LinkedIn that I don't see anywhere else. NOWHERE.

I have made connections there who don't go on Insta, and who frown on the idea of tweeting. It's about being across different platforms, so that you aren't just fishing in the same pool.

Here are three things you can to today to get started:

1: Update that profile pic - make it recent, make it decent! Is your pic the same as it is on other social media? Does it look like you?! There's no point having a photo that doesn't look like 'current you', because as soon as you meet someone, they'll comment on it! A photo shows the person connecting that you're human, too.

2: Add a banner - creating one in Canva is a great move, this is a space that can showcase your freelance business before anyone even begins scrolling on your profile.

3: Update your bio with clear info about what you do and even a fun fact (one I saw recently said 'middle child' which I loved!).

Then if you fancy more interaction, go and make some connections! Remember to send a note when you send a request - just like you'd say hello at a networking event.

Ooh, and if you want to follow on LinkedIn, here's my profile.

Do you need help with the 'ick' that updating LinkedIn and other content for your small business gives you? Get in touch on to set up a chat to see how coaching could help.

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