• Jenny Stallard

Three key things a coach can help you with as a freelancer (that you won't get from friends!)

If you've considered coaching, one of the thoughts it's likely you've had is 'What can a coach tell me that a friend or loved one can't?'

Surely speaking to a mate, or even a freelance colleague will do the trick? They'll help you decide whether to make that next business step, to 'go for it' or to hold back.

Mix in those nuggets of 'advice' with the churning of 'should I...? or 'What now...?' in your gut, and you may well find yourself feeling more confused.

I know the power of coaching as both a coach and a client to other coaches.

In fact, it's coaching that led me to decide to train as a coach myself!

And one big thing that often comes from clients in their feedback is the power of making their decisions without acting on anyone's advice or counsel. Nobody's but their own.

So here are the three key things I believe, from experience, a coach can help you with:

1) Making the decision that's right for YOU.

A coach won't tell you what you should or shouldn't do. They won't say 'do it!'. They won't tell you to give it a go, or say 'what's the worst that could happen?'. They won't fill your wine glass as you chat about your business plans or how you dream of that next big goal. Instead, in a confidential place, in a calm setting, they'll guide you through the decision-making, on your own terms.

2) Making a decision and planning when it's right for you

That 'go for it' feeling I keep mentioning is something a lot of friends - who love us - will say. They want to see us thrive, to shine and grow.

However, the thing you're thinking about doing might not be right for you right now.

It might be that for you, it's something you want to dig deeper into. Or something you want to pause.

Coaching is led by you, so you decide whether to set the action, rather than being encouraged by well-meaning mates.

3) Making a decision that is best for YOUR business

As well as feeling right for you, the decisions you make, goals you set and plans you put into action need to be the right ones for your business. And the only person who truly knows what that is, is you! You are the only person who knows the minute-by-minute detail of your career, your small business and your freelance work. So only you can truly make a decision that's right for your business and in line with your business values.

Freelance Feels offers individual coaching for freelancers and self-employed people who want to find clarity and purpose in their business life.

If you're interested in coaching with me, an ACC-accredited coach, let's chat!

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