• Jenny Stallard

Turn the summer self-employed tumbleweeds into plans and productivity!

Updated: Aug 5

Quiet times happen to us all when we're freelance. And it is easy to see them as 'nothing time'. However, there's plenty you can do to generate new leads, make new connections, grow your business and keep working towards your goals!

In the summer holidays, the quiet time can really loom large over our working days. It can feel like everyone else is away, taking a break or having downtime. That can lead to panic - which is never productive! If it feels like August is just full of freelance tumbleweeds, fear not!

Here's my advice on using this quiet time wisely: 1. Email contacts and say you’re available. Ask if they have anything they need help with, anything you might be a good fit for. This might feel like you’re saying you’re not busy but you could be the saving grave to them if they’re busy and need support! 2. Work on your social media. Is your website shiny with SEO? Is your profile pic up to date? When did you last look at your LinkedIn profile? Is it time to embrace those Instagram Reels? 3. Ditto with your CV or resumé. Right down to the name of the document (nobody wants to see 'CVDec2021' in March 2022!) Can you update with new hyperlinks or information? Join one of my CV workshops - the next ones are August 17 and Sept 7. 4. Join in! Join Facebook groups or follow accounts that will have work discussions, and follow accounts on instagram that share freelance information and shout outs. Joining webinars and workshops is also a great idea right now. You can share your details in the chat, see what others are up to and just feel, well, included.

5. Embrace the things you’ve been putting off. Everything from tidying the desk (yep! That’s me!) to admin or (Sorry to say the T word) your tax return. When things are quiet, that's when you can do the things you don't get round to when you're busier. 6. Commit to that new or big plan! Time on your hands can mean time for something new. So you want to plan a podcast? Why not in Summer? Newsletter? Get writing! Stuck on how to begin? Time to combine the 'big plan' with the webinar plan...

7. Book a coaching power package with Freelance Feels. Coaching is a key way to work through quiet time to set goals, large and small. Freelance Feels has specifically-designed packages to get you through the summer holiday 'quiet time' and send you into Autumn and Q4 refreshed and focused!

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