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Freelance fancy desk set up feels

I just had to write a short post, and it's for anyone who is also feeling a little frustrated with their working space right now. I swear, if I see one more amazing 'freelance' or 'work from home desk' set up (the latest was a cutsey understairs affair in a 'Homes' magazine) I might just scream! Or run to the corner shop for a mint Magnum... OK, so I'm going to do that anyway. But I digress.

But all those desks with only a computer on? With one laptop and a cute mug, or a plant? Pah! Really? If that's your desk, which box/cupboard/storage unit is hiding all your work junk?

I know many of us DO have a good working set up. And if you do, and that works for you, bravo. But me? I'm a messy desk person. I do have a desk at home, which I am grateful for. But boy you should see a pic of it. In fact, I'll add one here. Insta-worthy it is NOT. Yes, that's a packet of hair dye to the right...

And I bet yours isn't tidy all the time, either. Sure you might have a little spring clean and shred those documents gathering into a pile beside your mouse mat. You might have shelves that look lovely some of the time, but often end up a pile of books rather than a cute 'shelfie'.

Many of us are working from tables, kitchen counters, beds, sofas. It's not a given that because you're freelance you have some Hollywood-worthy desk space to work from. Often it's the place we then relax in, a corner of the living room taken up with desk space, for example.

Is that you? It was me for a long time. The reasons I have more desk space now is that I moved in with my partner and he has a home office where he made room for me.

So, if you're a messy desker, a kitchen table worker or sitting on the bed right now, this short but sweet post is for you. It's to say that if you don't have a desk set-up you could feature in an interiors mag, that's a-OK.

I need stuff to work - I need things around me. I like to pin things on the mood board to the right of the desk, as the mood takes me.

I know that some people say a clutter-free desk helps them focus. I've tried to be tidier, but here we are again. It goes in circles.. tidy, pledge to be tidier... end up messy. My desk can be tidier, sometimes. And I hope when I move house soon, perhaps it'll be a larger space and a bit more clutter-free. Maybe. I expect it'll just give me more space for my stuff...

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