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  • Jenny Stallard

Five fab newsletters for freelancers

Newsletters are arguably the 'new blog', giving creators a chance to share their feelings, offerings and big up other people in their industry.

But there are so many out there it can be hard to know which ones to sign up to, and which are going to help you in your freelance work and business.

These five are key for me because they're well-written, have personality as well as lots of useful links.

Have you considered writing a newsletter as part of your content? Find some inspiration below and let me know if you decide to launch a newsletter or mailing list!

The Underpinned Newsletter

Theme-led advice from experts, as well as paid jobs, this newsletter is a straight-to-the-point dose of freelance cameraderie in your inbox.

Kat Boogard

Honest and down to earth, with tips and interesting reads on freelance life, Kat's newsletter is, as she puts it, rather like being 'modern day pen pals'.

The Dunker

From the creators of Freelancer Magazine, The Dunker is neatly broken up into different sections such as 'Five for your freelance brain' as well as upcoming events and virtual co-working.


IPSE's newsletter often includes advice on those things we try and avoid - tax, insurance... but it's so important to be on top of these topics. IR35 often makes an appearance, plus IPSE news from meet ups and awards to membership.

Freelance Feels

Yes, this is my newsletter! But with over 1300 subscribers, it's not just me who thinks it's a good read. Monthly thoughts and reflections on freelance life, on a theme, with shares of other freelance things going on and articles.

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