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Dealing with Clubhouse FOMO

"Are you in Clubhouse?" "Ooh, I've joined Clubhouse..." "Come find me in Clubhouse..." "Hey guys, I'm over in Clubhouse right now..."

Clubhouse, Clubhouse... CLUBHOUSE!

Sound familiar? It's been the word of the week, hasn't it? People are either on it and talking about what they're doing, wanting to join, just joining and thinking 'how does this work?' or wondering if they should join.

If I had a pound for every time I'd heard or seen the word Clubhouse this week I'd be taking a (well paid) day off!

Right now, Clubhouse is creating a lot of discussion, and, I think, a lot of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). And it's bothering me. Because... well... do we really need another networking app? I am not anti Clubhouse, and I'm certainly not anti networking, or apps, sites or communities. Hey, I run one, right?! But I am anti the idea that people are getting in a fluster about whether or not they should be on an app or site and whether it'll be the right or wrong thing for their business. I am anti something causing people anxiety or stress or worry.

So, have you heard of Clubhouse? Could be you haven't but if you're self employed in particular it's likely you've seen posts about it on networking groups. Some people are saying they're in, they're hosting 'rooms' (or is it talks? I think it's rooms) and making it look like they have had some secret initiation to a world the rest of us don't understand.

Others are saying they have the ability to get you in. The kerfuffle around joining has felt second only to the US Inauguration for fanfare. To me, it feels quite chaotic. Quite 'jump in now or you'll miss the boat'. The element of FOMO about joining is particularly strong. And that's worrying when we all have a million other things to be worrying about - in a pandemic, too. Our mental health certainly doesn't need another trigger to make us go down a rabbit hole of wondering if we're successful enough, doing enough or just enough.

So, question: Are you in Clubhouse? Where are you at on the Clubhouse FOMO scale? Joined but lurking (that's me)? Joined and going for it? Or not invited and feeling like the last person to be picked for the net/football team at school? I think that's a lot of us, and, along with the feeling of not being chosen, or left out, there is also a huge FOMO that this app should or could be THE thing we need, and we're missing out on it.

Dealing with the Clubhouse FOMO isn't easy. You get it whether you're in or out. (In: are you doing it right, do you have enough followers? Are you getting loads of business from it? Out: Why the hell aren't you in? Should you be in? Will you die a terrible lonely death if you never use Clubhouse?). Then there's finding the time to either try and get in, or be in.


I am intrigued about the way the hype around Clubhouse has grown. It's been phenomenal to watch popularity and memberships soar. As a launch, it's amazing to see such engagement - we'd all like that for our business, right?

But is it the app for you? I guess the only way to truly know is to join and try it. But another way to get over the FOMO is to take a step back. Ask others who are in it what they get from it. Take some time to check back with your business values and whether Clubhouse can actually serve your goals and intentions, or whether it will be a time thief for you.

It's all very personal of course. But the FOMO is there for all of us in some way, I think. Even those with loads of followers are probably comparing themselves to someone else with more! Those who are hosting rooms probably feel guilty for not being elsewhere, or doing other work... and so it goes on, right?

Here are some rules I've come up with for dealing with Clubhouse FOMO:

Rule #1: Like any app or networking group, you don't have to join if you don't think it's for you. Keep doing business your way

Rule #2: Take time to consider it - you don't have to join straight away

Rule #3: Check in with whether it's right for YOU and YOUR business. Nobody else's!

Rule #4: Remember, it's not the first networking app and it won't be the last. Do you need it for networking? You can always join then leave

Rule #5: If you're too busy to join or be on it... especially with work... HOORAY! Keep working hard and ignore the distraction. That might include not going into some FB groups until the chat about it all dies down, but that's a good extra non-distraction technique right there, too.

If you are in Clubhouse and it's working for you, I'd be interested to know. And, if you have the FOMO, please know you're not alone!

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