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  • Jenny Stallard

How to become more confident on your social media today!

Updated: Jan 5

Instagram, Reels, LinkedIn posts, video, TikTok, stories, hashtags... Social Media is a minefield, right?

And often it's not the tech that's the issue but the confidence to press post or share.

If you run your own business, are self-employed or freelance, you may well be on social media. You might have some accounts, and post 'every now and then', lurking, perhaps, around other people's accounts filled with videos, live streams and graphics.

We all know that social media can help boost our business, from finding new clients and showing what we do, to being a 'person' in front of the different followers who might want to do business with us. The person behind the business, you, showing everyone what they might get if they choose to work with you.

It's a powerful tool, and one we can't ignore as small business owners.

However, many of us do try our best to ignore it! We lurk, or we scan other people's posts, we consider loading a video but then find something else to do.

We might join a social media challenge, full of gusto for a new format, or download a new app and pledge this will be the one we'll use, only for it to go dormant and dusty on the shelf like a set of dumbells bought for that exercise re-boot.

If you are lurking, or holding off from posting, here are my three top tips to get started TODAY:

1: Be sure which social media your clients are on - choose one app for your post today. Rather than focusing on every single site, consider where your key clients are, and make that the platform you'll post on today. Don't worry about the others, just focus on one. That way you're one step closer to posting today!

2: Decide what you're doing but don't spend too long on it. If it's a post, what's the topic? Be decisive - it's easy to spend a lot of time thinking of angles and ideas, and then not actually get around to posting. We are aiming to beat the social media procrastination here!

Will it be a tweet, a thread, a grid post on insta, a reel or a Tik Tok video? Decided? Ok...

3: Give yourself a deadline and a reward. Set a deadline for the post, whatever it is. Create a reward that you'll have when you've posted - anything from a coffee/cuppa and a cake, to clocking off early.

Oh, and remember to share it! Be proud of what you've done. If you have now posted today, when you were putting it off, you deserve a high five!

If you are keen to work more on embracing social media, get in touch to talk about a one on one content and social media audit for your small business.

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