Individual coaching for freelancers and the self-employed
Exclusive summer packages for freelancers who want some OOMPH in their business ready for Autumn 2022!

Coaching is very different from chatting to a freelance friend - it gets to the heart of what you want, the plans that will work for you. It cuts through the noise of everyone else around you, to help you focus.

I have a range of packages which are available to book throughout August. These are exclusive summer packages. New packages will go live in late October, including sets of six coaching sessions.

If you want to give your business some oomph, love and purpose this summer, you can choose from:


A one-hour coaching/mentoring session

CV audit (Where you send your CV to me and get email feedback)



90-minute coaching/mentoring session one on one

CV audit



TWO one-hour coaching/mentoring sessions one on one

CV coaching session (Where you send your CV then we work on it together on screen for a one-hour session)


To book, email today!

Your summer package needs to be booked and taken between August 1st and September 9th.

Final date for all sessions is September 9th.