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Individual coaching for freelancers and the self-employed

Coaching is very different from chatting to a freelance friend - it gets to the heart of what you want, the plans that will work for you. It cuts through the noise of everyone else around you, to help you focus.

As an ACC-accredited coach with more than 100 hours of coaching experience, I pride myself on working with freelancers and small business owners on everything from rates and client 'feels' to the challenges of confidence, social media and the isolation of freelancing.

What we cover in our sessions is completely up to you! I work using Pure Coaching methods, which means it's 'client-led', and the focus is on your ideas, plans and decisions. I don't tell you what to do (that's mentoring, not coaching) and that ultimately leads to you making choices that empower you and take your business forward in a way that works for YOU and nobody else!

You can choose from a power hour, or six weekly sessions.

POWER HOURS: One hour to dig into an issue that's on your freelance mind

I offer one on one coaching hourly sessions for £179 an hour. We meet on Zoom, and dig into a specific topic that's on your mind, and untangle it together to find you a way forward and a plan to crack on with.


One on One coaching

Want to dig deeper? Work more on your business and set goals that'll see you into 2023 and beyond? Booking a set of six sessions (with the chance to then check in weekly or monthly after that) is for you.

A coaching package with Freelance Feels includes:

* Six weekly one-hour coaching sessions

* Email contact in-between sessions to support you and share the 'yay' moments!

* A CV coaching session (usually £49) - best taken after the six sessions so you can add in all the new confidence you've gained through coaching!

This package is £1249 when paid in full in advance of the first session.

To book, enquire or set up an informal discovery call, fill out the form below.

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