Group Coaching

Want coaching but less intense than the one on one experience might feel? Group coaching could be for you! Each month, I run a month-long group course, ‘Relight Your Freelance Fire’, with exercises and group zooms as well as a 30 -minute 1:1 coaching session. The course will help you tap into your power and positive energy as a freelancer, highlighting ways to build and fuel your freelance fire so it burns for months and years to come.


What's involved:


* Every Monday - notes and exercises to your inbox. 

You can complete these in your own time during the week

* Every Friday - Group coaching and chat to go through what's come up for you that week (3pm Fridays GMT)

* A 30 min one on one session with me 

* Email contact through the month to chat about your freelance journey and goals

Want to enquire for the next course? Get in touch here or e-mail me:

Relight Your Freelance Fire costs £150 (including VAT)