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Group Coaching: Freelance Fire

We all lose our spark from time to time - and when it's with our own business, it can be soul destroying.

Instead of giving up, what if there was something that could help you reconnect, rekindle and refocus?

Freelance Fire is a one-month reset programme, a group coaching course that will do just that. Helping you fall back in love with your business, and find a way forward that works for you. It's the ideal start to 2023.

Over four weeks you'll work out what IS working for you, what ISN'T and how to prioritise the future, your plans, your goals and your work!

Who's it for?

Freelance, self-employed, a small business owner, an entrepreneur, sole trader, creator... if you work for yourself but you are looking to put some OOMPH back into your business life, then this course is for you.

What's involved?

Freelance Fire is a unique blend of group sessions, worksheets and a freelance CV audit to send you into the next phase of your self-employed life feeling focused and strong.

Over four weeks, we look at realistic goal setting, focusing on what matters to you, getting insight from other people in the freelance world and tapping into what you LOVE about being self-employed. We work on what fuels your freelancing and business life, and how you can change how you work to be a happier freelancer.


Here's how it works...

🔥 Every Monday at 10am you'll get notes and worksheets to your inbox. You can complete these in your own time during the week. They're all themed around fire building - we look at fuel, building a fire to last, what you want your fire to be like, and how to keep the flames burning the way you want them to.

🔥 Every Friday there is a one-hour group coaching session where we discuss what's come up for us that week.

 (Midday Fridays GMT). This is on Zoom and is a great way to meet new, like-minded freelancers and get their advice, too 

🔥 Email contact through the month to chat about your freelance journey and goals

🔥 Feedback, goal setting, accountability and encouragement to dream big and make changes!

🔥 Feedback on your CV

The next Freelance Fire group runs in January 2023

Zoom meetings will be on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th January

The course costs £199 and there are 10 places available


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