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Coaching for the Freelance Curious

New research has found that 39% of employees have considered going freelance. Self-employment appeals for many reasons - autonomy, flexibility, better work/life balance and freedom!

If you're one of those people, but you're not sure what, when or how to make the next steps to self-employment, then freelance curious coaching is for you.

If you have friends and family saying either 'go for it!' or 'hmm, should you?' while your feelings are getting pushed aside and muddled, then coaching can help. It will bring clarity to your freelance plans, setting goals and choosing the path that works for YOU and nobody else.

Choose from a one-off in-depth session, or four ​weekly sessions with a CV audit:

The Freelance Curious Consultation

90 Minutes


This is where we dig DEEP in one session to talk about your business ideas. We'll look at where you're at right now, where you want to be, and how you want that to happen.

This in-depth session can be about whatever you want it to be - the germ of a business idea, the plans, the big launch.. you name it! We can look at your goals, plans, and also similar businesses and talk about social media, too. 

If you are considering a freelance move pre- or post-redundancy, a consultation will help you decide whether to leap into freelancing, or step more slowly...

The Freelance Curious Coaching Package

3x 60-minute sessions plus a one-hour CV coaching session


This package is a set of three coaching sessions, with a fourth session looking at your CV

Coaching sessions are weekly so you can deep-dive into your freelance curiosity!

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