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CV coaching for the self-employed and freelancers

When was the last time you looked at your CV? Many freelancers only look at their CV in a panic - for a last minute application, or to send to someone who might be a potential new client. If you've landed here you're either thinking 'I should have a CV to send to new clients' OR you've been caught out in that last minute application hell.


I believe having a CV is essential as a freelancer - to send to potential new clients, for short-term contracts and to journalists who might want to quote you as an expert. This is a showcase of your work, not a stuffy old CV you might have created before! It's all about you - selling yourself to clients and connections.

As a writer and a coach, who also teaches Writing for Business at a major London university, I am perfectly placed to help you not just update your CV but make it fit with your values and goals for client work.
I offer more than CV writing - we work together to make a CV that shines with your experience, values and achievements.


1: Send your CV to me

2: We book in a one-hour session to talk about your CV making changes in real time on a shared screen

3: You can amend your CV and send it back to me for a final read and notes.

CV COACHING 'POWER HOUR PLUS' - including LinkedIn/Social Media coaching


1: Send your CV to me

2: We book in a one-and-a-half-hour session to talk about your CV making changes in real-time on a shared screen and also to discuss your LinkedIn profile and social media to tie in with your CV

3: You can amend your CV and send it back to me for a final read and notes.


I run CV workshops specifically for Freelancers - you can find them on Eventbrite.

What my CV clients have to say about CV coaching:

"I knew just who to ask for CV coaching after being coached by Jenny on her 'Relight your Freelance Fire' course. Jenny was prompt to reply to my "help" email and we had just 1 hour to reshape my CV. Jenny's calm, insightful and professional coaching manner not only resulted in a clear and job specific CV, but also in making me feel confident in pressing 'send', knowing I had presented myself as best I could. The outcome? I have an interview this week."

"Having been a journalist for 25 years I’ve done a variety of things from going to war zones to covering police drug raids. Interesting/adrenaline-fuelled, yes. However, my CV didn’t accurately reflect my experience. It was distinctly lacklustre and, dare I say it, boring, which is fatal as a freelance journalist who needs to stand out from the throng when competing for work. Fortunately, Jenny's Finesse your Freelance CV course was fabulous! She helped me realise that I needed to cut through the waffle and polish the nuggets, suggesting links and formats to best showcase my work. Now I’ve got a CV I’m proud to share and that’s thanks to Jenny! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the session." Leda Reynolds, freelance journalist.

"The session really spurred me on to get a new CV set up, I was also inspired to write to all the editors who have commissioned me to connect on LinkedIn and recommend me."

"I did Jenny's, quite frankly, brilliant CV workshop this week and it was one of the best decisions I've made this year. Warm, friendly and encouraging, Jenny worked with me to highlight my skills and experience and bring them to the forefront of my CV, so by the end I had something that really showcased why I should get the job or be hired for projects. Rather than a daunting chore, she helped me feel fired up about my CV and within the same week I'd finished tweaking it and put it into a snazzy Canvas template to make it look even better. I can't thank Jenny enough for her expertise, advice and tips. This workshop is a no-brainer - if you want to update or create a new CV, don't hesitate to contact Jenny. She's fantastic!"

"I attended Jenny's "Finesse Your Freelance CV" session and found it useful and enjoyable – her approach combines expertise with a friendly, can-do attitude. My CV was in need of an overhaul, to take it from chronological to more of a skills-based format, and I didn't have a clue where to start. However, after just one hour, I feel I have the confidence and knowledge to tackle it. Highly recommended."

"Jenny was thoughtful and had some great ideas. I left more motivated about writing my CV and thoroughly enjoyed the session."

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