CV coaching and masterclasses 

Do you have a CV as a freelancer? Perhaps it's dusty, or out of date, or you're not sure you even need one. 

I believe having a CV is an essential as a freelancer - to send to potential new clients, for short-term contracts and to journalists who might want to quote you as an expert.

As a writer and a coach, who also teaches Writing for Business at a major London university, I am perfectly placed to help you not just update your CV but make it fit with your values and goals for client work.
I offer more than CV writing - we work together to make a CV that shines with your experience, values and achievements.


I run CV masterclasses, as well as offering CV audits, coaching power hours and 'CV in three'.

Next CV masterclass is January 27th 9am GMT. Book via Eventbrite


CV AUDIT £99 (incl VAT)

1: Send your CV to me

2: I'll send it back with suggestions, thoughts and places you might like to make changes.

3: I won't tell you what you HAVE to change but I'll ask some leading questions and make some observations that will help you bring it into shape!

POWER HOURS £120 (incl VAT)

1: You send me your CV before the hour and I have a good look at it, bringing together ideas of what you might consider changing or updating.

2: We schedule an hour's session on Zoom to chat through things, changing your CV on screen as we go.

I DON'T tell you what you HAVE to change - we instead use some coaching to get to the heart of what you want your CV to say and why. I will of course make suggestions!

3: You can then send me your edited CV for a final look and one edit from me after the session.

CV IN THREE £350 (incl VAT)

As above, but you get a total of three hours Zoom contact.

Price: £350 including VAT

What my CV clients have to say about CV coaching:


"I knew just who to ask for CV coaching after being coached by Jenny on her 'Relight your Freelance Fire' course. Jenny was prompt to reply to my "help" email and we had just 1 hour to reshape my CV. Jenny's calm, insightful and professional coaching manner not only resulted in a clear and job specific CV, but also in making me feel confident in pressing 'send', knowing I had presented myself as best I could. The outcome? I have an interview this week."

"The session really spurred me on to get a new CV set up, I was also inspired to write to all the editors who have commissioned me to connect on LinkedIn and recommend me."