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Feeling the Freelance Feels? Great! Well, I hope not the negative ones. I hope you're finding this a place to feel communion and safety. 

So what else can I offer?


First of all, I can mentor you. Training for a coaching accreditation, I offer mentoring to freelancers who are either starting out, or stuck with their freelance feels. I can probably offer a bit of insight into, say, making an invoice sound right, but the kinds of things I'll help with are more HOW you find the energy to pitch when you feel like you're all pitched out. How you stop telling yourself you're 'useless' because you've not had a commission, a new client or a break in a while...


I'm also available as a guest speaker and panelist for your event, at your college or school, your WI meeting or your networking day. So if you'd like to have me as one of your speakers on everything mental health, wellbeing and self employment then please get in touch!

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About Jenny Stallard - founder

I'm Jenny Stallard, a freelance journalist, author, writer... yep, many things - and I founded Freelance Feels as an answer to the mental health challenges I faced as a self-employed person.

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