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Coaching for freelancers and the self-employed

Whether you want the personalised feeling of individual coaching or the camaraderie of group coaching, all the coaching at Freelance Feels is aimed at the self-employed and freelance, or anyone who is thinking of setting up on their own. As a freelancer, I truly understand what it's like being self-employed so we can get to the root of what's challenging you.

If you’re confused about where your business is heading, want to set goals to build your audience or client base, or just need to sort out how you feel about being self-employed and find a way forward, coaching can help. 

Individual Coaching

I offer one on one coaching, with three different packages depending on how deep you want to dig and how grand your plans want to be!

CV coaching

Freelancers don't need a CV... do they? I believe we do! I offer three packages to help you work on your CV as a freelancer and get it shiny and ready for new clients and work opportunities.

Coaching for the freelance curious

If you're one of the 39% of employees who are thinking of going freelance, you're 'Freelance Curious'. You can explore this through coaching, either in a 90-min session or four 60-min sessions.


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