The story of Freelance Feels

In early 2019 I received an email telling me that new data from the ONS found that "the number of women in self-employment rose by 31,000 in the last quarter of 2018".


And as I sat at my desk, alone, in leggings with no make up on (not my usual work look when I go to an office), I felt excited, then afraid for them all.


Being a freelancer seems like a holy grail, but it can be isolating, depressing and upsetting. I know because I have felt all those freelance feels and more. (Click on the tab above to explore what being a freelancer means for Freelance Feels).


Freelance since 2005, I’ve often gone back into staff jobs or worked fixed term contracts. There are also ‘shifts’ – essentially temping, for which the day rate hasn’t gone up in over a decade. But I also spend a lot of time working from home, and it was doing that which led me to create and launch Freelance Feels.


Feelings come into freelance life constantly. I’d say every day, but it’s every night, too. The freelance feels never stop. And I have felt them so acutely it has led me to a point where I wanted to address and embrace them, challenge them and overcome them. To navigate the wellbeing and mental health side of being a freelancer, too. And bring other people along with me  - because I know we are all feeling the ‘Freelance Feels’.

My goal is to work through all my different freelance feels, talking to other freelancers about the reality of this life and best of all, how we navigate it and keep our mental health above water. And, when we can’t, how we cope. Or try to!

About Jenny Stallard - founder

I'm Jenny Stallard, a freelance journalist, author, writer... yep, many things - and I founded Freelance Feels as an answer to the mental health challenges I faced as a self-employed person.

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