The story of Freelance Feels

Freelance Feels is an honest, warts-and-all look at self-employed life. Founded by me, Jenny Stallard, this is a community for anyone who is freelance, self-employed, has a side hustle, is an entrepreneur or considers themselves to be their own boss.

Being self-employed is often seen as a holy grail, but it can be hugely challenging. From finances and networking to imposter syndrome and working from home.

At Freelance Feels, you’ll find content that gets to the heart of the ‘feels’ of being self-employed; I won’t be able to tell you how to do your tax return but I will talk about why it feels so rubbish to have left it to the last minute.

The symbol of Freelance Feels is a cactus, because freelancers are rather like cacti. For me, “We can survive tough conditions, but we still need love and water."

On the freelance feels website you’ll find regular articles and blog posts all about freelance life, including interviews with other freelancers and tips that have worked for me as a small business owner. There’s the podcast and newsletter, as well as coaching.

Freelance Feels isn’t about being the best freelancer, about nailing it or smashing it - it’s about getting through each day and feeling ok, while knowing you’re not alone in this crazy self-employed world.

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